THIRSTY: a novel by Kristin Bair O'Keeffe

Visiting Pittsburgh?

A Few More Resources to Guide You

Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area

Want to learn more about making steel? Made up of eight counties in southwestern Pennsylvania, Rivers of Steel “works with communities throughout the region to identify, conserve, promote and interpret the cultural, historic, recreational and other resources associated with steel and steel-related industries.”

Learn to Speak Pittsburghese

Native Pittsburghers speak a unique dialect affectionately known as Pittsburghese. If you’re heading to our fair city, brush up on your language skills before you try to order a jumbo sammitch with a pop at a local restaurant in the Sah Side.

The Warhol Museum

Lots of people don’t know that pop artist Andy Warhol (originally Warhola) was a Pittsburgher. Terrific museum. (Strangely enough, Andy is buried in the cemetery behind the house in which I grew up in Bethel Park.)