THIRSTY: a novel by Kristin Bair O'Keeffe


4.14.10 “Kristin perfectly captures the time and the history; and mixes it well with the drama.” —Literary Life: Ramblings of a Book Nerd

2.25.10 “[Bair] O’Keeffe brings to life the desperate, harsh conditions of the time. The steel mill squats over the town, dominating and dictating life for these families. The women waiting by the fence for news of who has died is especially memorable. Sorrow is a constant visitor to the town.” —A Bookworm’s World

2.9.10 “Well written, fluid prose, well developed characters.” —Book Dilettante

2.5.10 “Spiritual, sensual, vivid and emotional, Thirsty delivers a feisty compilation of life and all it’s challenges and wonder. A must read, for sure, and one sure to be passed on as a ’you have to read this!' novel amongst a circle of friends.” —Luxury

1.29.10 “I will never forget the tightly controlled fear in the scenes of the women walking to the steel yard to learn which husband has been killed or maimed.” —Words by Webb

1.25.10 “Thirsty by Kristin Bair O’Keeffe is historical fiction that resonates with today’s reader.” —Christy’s Book Blog

12.10.09 “This book was immediately absorbing and I didn’t want it to end.” —The Maiden’s Court

12.09.09 So often buying, reading, and falling in love with books is word of mouth. See what Susan Ideus has to say about THIRSTY at “Telling Her Stories: The Broad View.“

12.01.09 “If Gabriel Garcia Marquez were to set his masterpiece One Hundred Years of Solitude in rural steel-town Pennsylvania around the turn of the 19th century, the results would be eerily reminiscent of Kristin Bair O’Keeffe’s debut novel, Thirsty.” —The Review Lab

11.30.09 “One thing that made me love the book was that everyone in Thirsty (except Drago) is essentially good. While there are some of those whom we get to know a bit more closely who have some secrets of their own, or negative traits, every single person is Klara-like, wanting to be good, wanting to do well by others. I liked to read about that.” —Kay’s Bookshelf

11.23.09Thirsty is a great book that all women, not only mothers, should read.” —Mom Knows Everything

11.9.09 "[Bair O’Keeffe’s] writing is deep, powerful and vivid. Although the story revolves around domestic abuse, it is not a downer, but a story of hope, survival and peace. A must read.” Story Circle Book Reviews

11.9.09 “This book takes you to Thirsty and into Klara’s home and life. Truly a wonderful book and beautifully written by Mz. O’Keeffe.” Just Books

11.1.09 “I am a self-confessed word junkie who savors the sounds of syllables with the same fervor as some might swoon over the sight of a beautiful painting. So, it is no wonder that author Kristin Bair O’Keeffe had me at the get-go with the poetic first lines of her debut novel, Thirsty....” —Leaps of Faith

10.26.09 "[Bair] O’Keeffe’s writing arouses the reader’s curiosity. The author also doesn’t take the easy way out, so the story never turns into a predictable one. [Bair] O’Keeffe doesn’t dwell on Klara’s abuse. Instead she touches it — just enough to give you an idea of what she lives with — without wallowing in it.” — Content Maven

10.1.09 “Poignant. Imaginative. Passionate. Original.” That’s what Library Journal’s reviewers are saying about Thirsty and other first novels due out this fall. —Library Journal

9.8.09 Follow the Reader gives a nod to Thirsty as a “Fall Book to Fall For” —Follow the Reader

8.31.09 “O’Keeffe’s debut gracefully encapsulates the working-class cycle of poverty and hopelessness in the lives of these hard-laboring, sympathetic wives and mothers.“ —Publisher's Weekly